Monday, October 15, 2012

Corn Maze Homeschool Field Trip

It's amazing what a little bit of plastic can do for a germophobe. I managed to clean my bathroom floor after an incident with a flooded toilet! But I'll save that for another post.
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As much as I love photography, I sometimes miss out on enjoying the moment and being present with my boys.  I'm so grateful for the family God has given me, I need to remember to put the camera down and join in the fun and make memories with my children.

The boys and I took a pleasant and scenic drive to Pine Grove, LA today to visit the Corn Maze. I love driving down those untouched back country roads. We rode over the hills with the windows down and the boys' hands in the air, laughing as the downhill slopes tickled their bellies. I remember taking trips like that when I was their age.

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After driving for about an hour, and getting confused on exactly where our stop was, we paid the admission fees, got a map, and tried our luck with the maze. It was hot and it didn't take the boys long to get tired and want to head back the way we came. We never found the exit.

After a short water break, the boys rode the cow train. They loved it so much they made me get on with them a second time.

After the cow train, the boys jumped on a big air pillow and played on the slides. We pretended to be "Rule Breakers" for a few photos.

I took more photos from our trip and I hope to update this with photos that Phillip took with his camera. I'm so anxious to see what he thought was important to capture from this trip, but I have no more time tonight.

Making memories with my family is so priceless. Thank You God for the blessings You've given me in them.

Here are the photos that Phil & Eli took with their camera.  Its fun to see their perspective and how its different from mine and the same at times.  Below that are some photos NOT from my iphone.  :D

Here are a few more photos from my camera.  

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